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5 Reasons to Start a School Culture Initiative Before January 1st

Aug 26 1PM
5 Reasons to Start a School Culture Initiative Before January 1st

The new school year is underway! 

Staff and students are back in the classroom. Is your school culture in place to set them up for behavioral and academic success?

If not, don’t panic, but do consider our top 5 reasons for acting now:


1. Every minute counts

Prior to partnering with Kickboard, school leader Dawn Love calculated that the 1,600 classroom behavioral infractions in her school during the 2013-14 school year equated to 25,395 minutes of missed instructional time. Learn how she decreased behavioral infractions by 29% in one year.


2. You’ll have insight

Starting an initiative backed by Kickboard in the fall semester gives you a chance to hone in on the exact behaviors you want to track. You’ll also know if you want specific consequences- whether positive or negative- to be triggered automatically in Kickboard.


3. Leverage an early warning indicator system to be proactive

Keep small problems small and intervene quickly instead of waiting for students to fall behind. Think of the system as an always-on monitor so you don’t have to be. Learn how to make early warning indicators a true part of your school culture.


4. Provide timely and meaningful interventions

A mid-year start lets you focus on interventions that will support success during spring testing. With real-time data collection and automatic progress monitoring in Kickboard, you’ll know what’s working and when to provide additional support when it’s not.


5. You can see measurable academic gains in just 1 year

Central Elementary leveraged their school culture system to make huge academic gains.  Assistant Principal, Kasie Jackson, led an effort to address attendance, behaviors, and time on task. Learn how her work resulted in 93.1 points of Istation reading growth in just 1 year.


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