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Engaging Students & Families With Culture Data

Oct 10 4PM
Engaging Students & Families With Culture Data

It’s time to prepare for parent-teacher conferences and you really want them to be effective. You are especially concerned about Isaac’s conference, because you know this is an opportunity to make sure he is on track for success. You know it is critical to engage everyone who cares for Isaac — his other teachers, his parents, even Isaac himself, especially since he is starting to show some minor behavior challenges. You realize that last year, without Kickboard, you relied on experience and intuition to drive conversations about behavior but now you have solid behavior data to share and act upon. Using data rather than emotion to guide the conversation empowers all stakeholders to make the best decisions for the child’s success.

Check out each Kickboard feature below to find out how each tool can help you hold powerful conferences:


Want more specific help you with these data tools as you prepare for conferences? Check out these technical articles to learn more about the functionality of the Kickboard features mentioned in this post.



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