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Make Your Behavior RTI Meetings More Effective

Feb 28 10AM
Make Your Behavior RTI Meetings More Effective

Is the management of Behavior RTI for Tier II and Tier III making you want to run for the hills?  These true-to-life scripts will show you how Kickboard can help your intervention management become simpler, faster, less emotion-driven, and more data-driven!

Use these scripts today and learn from this common drama - shared by many but solved by Kickboard and amazing school champions like YOU. And as a special bonus, we're also including a Free Behavior RTI meeting protocol!

Script I:  An initial Behavior RTI meeting - with Kickboard data facilitating staff decisions on behavior interventions.

Script II:  A student’s behavior check-in - using Kickboard to celebrate progress.

Script III:  A follow-up RTI meeting  - with Kickboard’s intervention data helping staff decide if the intervention in place is working.


Free Download: Behavior RTI Meeting Protocol


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