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Videos: Culture Data Meetings with Kickboard

Feb 03 10AM
Videos: Culture Data Meetings with Kickboard

How can you have the greatest impact on school culture? By using the data! The more you get adults in a school aware of, collaborating about, and acting on their behavior data, the more robust and valid that data becomes.

The leaders and teachers at Betty Best Elementary, part of Alief ISD in Houston, Texas have discovered the effect data collaboration and following the Kickboard Data Cycle has on their school’s climate and culture so they’ve made a commitment to schedule Culture PLC’s into their meeting rotations every month.

The Power of PLC’s — One Teacher’s Perspective

Listen first to second grade teacher Jamie McQueen’s reflection — watch for why she believes Culture PLC’s with Kickboard are so valuable:

Culture PLC’s: The Meeting

The meeting you see below is led by the school Climate and Behavior Specialist, Liz Merwald. She follows a version of this Kickboard data meeting protocol, where staff not only reflect and talk about their culture data, but identify an action that is later revisited and evaluated.

Note that teachers come to the meeting having done a quick bit of pre-work using this reflection tool, so that their collaboration time is focused and efficient. Since the full meeting was actually 45 minutes, we have pulled out some highlights to give you a glimpse of the rich collaboration and resulting actions that PLC’s offer.

Meeting Expectations and Teacher Data Reflection

Liz Merwald starts the meeting by reviewing the purpose, expectations, and group norms which were previously established. Then 4th grade teacher Lindsey Snyder takes a turn sharing the behavior data she’s analyzed during her pre-work. Notice the types of data she shares and how she reflects on where she stands compared to the whole school.


Collaboration on Classroom Culture Practices

In this clip, after Jamie McQueen has shared her data and practices, a colleague chimes in with some insight about setting shorter-cycle goals.


Collaboration on Classroom Culture Practices

Listen to a different exchange following 2nd grade teacher Gabi Garcia’s turn to share. Here, teachers discuss the benefits and cautions of displaying student culture data in the classroom.


Teacher Commitment to Action

Notice how Liz probes the teacher and writes down the action the teacher intends to take so she can support that commitment in future follow-ups.


Common Trends That Inform Schoolwide Support

At the end of the PLC, after each teacher has had a turn, the leader steps back and highlights common patterns across the group. These themes will guide professional development and coaching efforts across the campus as well. They also send the teachers off with a supported feeling that “we’re all in this together.”



Want to institute practices such as Culture PLC’s? We can help! Check out Kickboard’s Professional Development offerings and learn how our PD how we can support your change efforts.



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