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Survey Your Teachers For PBIS

Sep 25 3PM
Survey Your Teachers For PBIS

Gaining teacher support is a vital part of building a positive school culture. The best way to gain faculty support for your PBIS or positive behavior programs is to gain deep insight into where and how your teachers need your help. So how do you start? With a survey! A culture survey will give you a clear understanding of your staff's readiness to commit to creating a positive school culture - in a format that they can feel comfortable with candid feedback. Here are some topics to get you started:

  • Round up the types of behavioral data your teachers are tracking and see how aligned they are
  • Get feedback - or awareness of - the tools or methods your teachers are using to track that data
  • Ask your teachers what struggles they face in their classrooms
  • Start a discussion on how 'urgent' school culture feels to everyone
  • Don't forget to survey your teachers' willingness to participate in positive change management

Once you have this information (and we're sure you can come up with plenty more great topics!), your entire school should be ready to work together to devise a plan to create a measurable, positive and sustainable school culture. Need some deeper insight on how to get started? Check out our free playbook, 6 Steps to a Positive School Climate & Culture. Stay positive!

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