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At Kickboard, we’re looking for an Inside Sales Representative (Outreach Manager) to foster meaningful relationships with future customer schools with a focus on helping them build a positive school culture.

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In this role, you’ll build relationships with school leaders who have expressed interest in Kickboard, helping them to determine whether Kickboard is the right solution for their school.

A typical day in this role consists of:

Kickboard’s philosophy about partnering with customers is rooted in our core values: Create Joy, Educators are Platinum, Stay Focused, Help Each Other Be Great, and Never Stop Growing. We’re looking for a candidate with mission fit. Someone who won’t be satisfied with urgently growing our Kickboard school community, someone who will work relentlessly to ensure Kickboard is helping build safe and happy schools where students and staff thrive.

Since our founding, Kickboard has worked to give educators the tools they need to create safe and happy schools where students and staff thrive. Given that the vast majority of our schools are comprised predominantly of students of color, it should not be surprising that the culture and climate work we do with schools inevitably intersects with issues of race and disproportionality in discipline. Promoting equity is a priority for Kickboard and we are intentional about situating the work we do at the intersection of positive behavioral supports, cultural relevance, restorative practices, and racial equity.






How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and a cover letter with the following:

  1. Why you want to be an Outreach Manager.
  2. Why you want to be an Outreach Manager at Kickboard.
  3. The content of an email you’d send to a school leader after they attended Kickboard’s most recent webinar and wanted to learn more.

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Kickboard is successful because every single one of our team members wants to work in a safe, happy, and thriving environment. After all - we know that our company's mission helps schools succeed like never before, so it's only natural that we'd do the same thing here.

-Jen Medbery, Kickboard's CEO

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