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Happier Students & Teachers. Higher Achievement.

You may be out of breath trying to move the needle on student achievement. It's time to look a little closer. Research and real Kickboard schools prove that a positive school culture directly impacts student achievement.

Whether you're just getting started with behaviour management or fully practising a schoolwide programme such as behaviour interventions or Social Emotional Learning, Kickboard is the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture. With features that actually help students stay more engaged and act positively - while giving school leaders and teachers multiple levels of support - your school culture will be moving the achievement needle in no time.

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A more positive school culture starts here:

  • One-Click Behaviour Tracking

    Help students achieve positive social and emotional character development. With just a tap, track and reinforce the behaviours that make up your ideal school culture - from traits like 'supportive' and 'helpful' to behaviours like 'participation' and 'teamwork'.

  • Goal-Based Incentives, Points, Rewards

    Effortlessly motivate students while saving a lot of time, paper, and patience. Kickboard automatically keeps track of behaviour points, scholar dollars, student pay cheques, and school store rewards.

  • Celebrate Together, Automatically

    Whether for celebration (a popcorn party!) or concern (detention), Kickboard automatically adds students to rosters based on what’s actually happening during the day. You'll know instantly who belongs where.

  • Follow The Leader

    Everyone should share in positive achievement - on a whiteboard, in the lobby, or even an iPhone. Reinforce your positive behaviour champions with real-time culture leaderboards that can be displayed anywhere.

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Safer Schools. More Engagement.

Think about all the instructional minutes that are stolen by referrals, attendance issues, bullies, or suspensions. When students start to feel unsupported - or worse, unsafe - they begin to disengage with teachers, peers, and learning.

Kickboard is essential in helping you support students by keeping small problems small. Arm your teachers, school leaders, and school resource officers with the only solution that helps you stay one step ahead of escalating issues while intervening at the right place and right time to get even the most at-risk students back on track. All in a dynamic interface that brings together all of the behaviour data you're already tracking.

Keep small problems small with smarter interventions & supports:

  • Multi-Tiered Supports & Behavioural Interventions

    Know exactly what's working and what needs tweaking with students on behaviour plans. Create and monitor the progress of all tiers of behavioural interventions while tracking percent-to-goal, total minutes, and intervention effectiveness.

  • Early Warning Indicators

    Help students when they need you most - before trouble happens. Get instant visual alerts as soon as a student may be at risk of falling off track – all guided by what you determine are the behavioural warning signs that Kickboard needs to monitor.

  • Look At An Entire Day In Just A Glance

    Confidently guide students through a rough day or a great day. Daily Activity gives you thorough insight into how every student's day starts, progresses, and ends. You can even share comments on specific behaviours that affect the flow of the day.

  • Keep Track Of When Things Don't Go So Well

    Make sure your teachers have a solid record of when things are not so great. Use Consequences to track referrals, disciplinary incidents, and suspensions - including the who, what, when, where, and even why of a not-so-good situation.

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Deeply Supported Classrooms. More Long-Term Teachers.

Over fifty per cent of teachers who leave their schools say that school environment was a top-three reason. Let's get real - teachers don't leave because school culture is too positive. They leave when they don't get the support to build and maintain a culture that everyone can call home.

It's no accident that Kickboard's tools are just as supportive of a connected teaching community as they are of positive school culture. Thoughtfully designed features allow teachers to help each other understand, share, and tweak every little bit of school culture happening behind their classroom doors. And when this extends to heads of school, governing bodies, and even parents, you know that Kickboard is an essential component of supporting teachers for long-term success.

Empower teachers to empower everyone else:

  • Connect Your Classrooms

    Help teachers help each other. Classrooms and hallways will no longer feel like islands with one-click tools for behaviour-specific notes, teacher-to-teacher comments, sharable dashboards, and room for reflection on student reports.

  • Give Parents The Visibility They Demand

    Parents want to stay involved and support classroom expectations - but you need to make it easy for them to do so. The Parent Portal shows a detailed view of their students’ daily activity no matter where they are – at home, at work, at the gym, or anywhere their lives may take them.

  • Student Reports

    Make it easy for teachers to share what's going on with every student in every classroom. On screen or on paper, get an entire snapshot of a student’s behaviour and contribution to school culture over any period of time. There’s even room for parent and student reflection.

  • Attendance, Lates, and Engagement

    Help everyone save time, paper, and patience by ditching the multiple log-ins and notebooks. Track daily attendance, lates, and student engagement while using colour-sorted dashboards to quickly see how these data points impact student behaviour.

Rich Data. Trust-wide Impact.

Today our schools are driven by data, and we need to somehow make sense of it all - especially when trying to figure out how school culture can influence decisions as diverse as instructional strategies, anti-bullying efforts, or even how to get parents more involved.

You may see a lot of school culture apps that deliver data for individual classrooms or schools. Kickboard gives you all that, too. We just happen to go beyond that and help you visualise data at the Multi Academy Trust level. Kickboard is loaded with beautiful visuals that do the number crunching for you and give everyone - teachers, heads of school, and MAT administrators - the precise dashboards they need to make impactful decisions.

See, measure, and tweak school culture:

  • Vivid Insights At Every Level

    Get useful school culture data that informs everyone. Multi-school dashboards inform MAT administrators. School dashboards inform heads of school. Classroom dashboards inform teachers. Everyone gets information to make every day count.

  • The Positivity Ratio

    Kickboard schools love this little (yet big!) feature. A colourful graphic indicator lets everyone know, at any given moment, how positive the school’s culture is.

  • See Long-Term Trends

    Long-term decisions need long-term data. Kickboard delivers longitudinal visual analyses of the school culture data that matter. Make informed decisions and see how your efforts have paid off over weeks, months, and even years.

  • One-Time Data Capture

    Don't worry about your SIS - we'll make sure that Kickboard stays in sync and gives your teachers a single point of entry for the school culture data that matter.

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